John R. Miller grew up in Lima, Ohio in a family with longtime, Midwestern roots. He studied at the University of Cincinnati, where he received a degree in chemical engineering with honors and an honorary Doctor of Commercial Science. While attending college, Mr. Miller worked for The Standard Oil Company (Sohio) in the cooperative education program. Upon graduation, Mr. Miller joined Sohio as a permanent employee where he worked for twenty-six years. During the latter part of his career at Sohio, Mr. Miller served as president, chief operating officer, and director. During the period the company was arranging for the extensive funding needed to develop the Alaskan crude oil reserves and pay for its share of the cost of constructing the Trans Alaska Pipeline, Mr. Miller was vice president of finance.

After leaving Sohio, Mr. Miller founded and served as chairman and CEO of TBN Holdings Inc., a company engaged in resource recovery, and Petroleum Partners Inc., a firm that provided management services to the petroleum industry. In addition to currently serving as chairman of the boards of Graphic Packaging Holding Company and Cambrex Corporation, he previously served as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and he also served as a director of Eaton Corporation.

Mr. Miller lives with his wife in Hunting Valley, Ohio, and they have three grown children and seven grandchildren.